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Why Did Betty Kill Mr. Chipping Here We Know Something About the Episode

Riverdale is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating drama on television today. With crime, mystery, love and youth blended perfectly, it forms the best combination. All the previous seasons of the show have been huge hits. Even the ongoing season is offering thrills and excitements to no one’s imagination.

The last aired episode of the series ended on a cliffhanger. We got to know some very important facts which will prove vital to the future of the show. The following are some important details you would need to know regarding the show.

Riverdale: Latest Updates About the Show

In this fascinating and riveting drama, we get to know that Hiram has become the Mayor of Riverdale. Hiram was convicted of grave charges and resided in prison. He faced a long series of trials and other complicated procedures. His daughter’s name also cropped up, being involved in some sort of shady dark business. Makers of the show decided to wreak more havoc and chaos by making him the Mayor of the town. However, the latest updates that arrive tell that Mr. Chipping is dead. More mysterious than his death is the cause behind such an event. It is being rumored that he committed suicide.

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Riverdale: Cause behind Mr. Chipping’s Death

Although news spread that it was Mr. Chipping who committed suicide, this news was not really believable. When Betty investigated Jughead’s friend Donna’s room, she found Chipping’s tie. She thus concluded that Mr. Chipping was involved in an ongoing affair with a student. The absolute guilt of getting unmasked was too much for him to bear. Thus he decided to take his own life by jumping off the window. But there were some ominous signs which proved otherwise. The fact that Bret explained Jughead what Donna had said to the headmaster. She said that Mr. Chipping had died to a fault of his own. And that the case was closed now pending further investigations. Betty also crossed out Mr. Chipping’s name from the list of names she had written on the board. Secrets of the Stonewall Prep and Quills and Skulls do pint out that the truth lies somewhere hidden. It is only left to be discovered by someone.

Riverdale: When Does It Air?

New-season of Riverdale airs at 8 pm Wednesdays on CW Network. You can also find the detailed episodes of this show on Netflix.