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Why Are Nintendo Switch Sold out Everywhere? Here You Need to Know That

People all across the world have been restricted to their houses due to the Coronavirus. COVID-2 is causing serious havoc to the physical and emotional well being of people. While being locked up inside, there is no better way to find recreation than gaming. But people who would like to purchase the necessary gaming consoles are sure to face a lot of difficulties. Due to the ongoing effects of the virus, all activities are at a standstill. There is absolutely no guarantee about when the situation would return to normal.

Is Nintendo Switch sold out?

All the versions of the gaming console are sold out at the moment. The Nintendo Switch version was priced at around $300. All the models are unavailable right now on leading e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay. Nintendo Switch lite version also costs around $200. Even the lite module of the console is sold out on Amazon. But only a few stocks of it are left on the other websites. The aggregate of such stocks is too little to be called viable. Marketers explain there is very less supply of the commodity in the market. While the consumer’s demand for the device is at an all-time high. This excessive deficit is causing huge losses to the company. They have thus decided to shore up the prices of these commodities through the final selling price.

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Where Can You Buy a Nintendo Switch?

Whenever you think of buying Nintendo Switch you can avail the e-commerce websites. But due to sustainability issues these websites have ramped up the prices of the Nintendo Switch device. The original ones now cost around $400. While the lite versions of the same device cost around $300. If you purchase the same from a third party seller they would also charge you an exorbitant price. This price is much higher than the actual list price of the gaming console.

Cause Behind the Falling Stock of Nintendo Switch

Due to the ravaging effects of Coronavirus all trading activities have stopped. Thus the shipment of the device which comes from Japan is no longer taking place. Since the markets are devoid of transportation facilities, they cannot bring these devices as well. Thus there is a huge deficit in the economy which is created due to this deficient supply.