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Why and What Was Reason Mickey Rourke Unmasks Himself on ‘The Masked Singer’

Mickey Rourke is an American actor and has been seen as performing a lead role in many action ,thriller ,and drama films .He is 68 years old man.

Who was behind the gremlin head?

So there is the shocking revelation .Everyone was astonished to see Mickey Rourke pulling his Gremlin head and he revealed his identity too early on the stage of ‘the masked singer’ .Season 4 of the reality show  is taking place in US.No one has expected this .This has taken place on Wednesday .He himself has eliminated him from the show by revealing his true identity so early.

He has sung a song “stand by me” ,he was paying tribute to his late friend Willy DeVille .After that he wanted to take off his mask and he informed the show host .Host told him, its not the part of the show yet.All the people sitting in the panel insisted him to stop ,but no one was able to stop him .

Reason for such unexpected revelation

After people asked him why he was in the show ,he said that as he liked the show and he was in the neighbourhood ,so he participated,that’s the only reason .

Even judges hadn’t voted till then when he pulled off his mask .He explained that it was too hot in that costume.He was not able to bear it.So he thought it to be better to take it off.

The fans who were watching the show live were so much surprised.One of the Panelist Robin Thicke, has said that this is something that they had never done on the masked singer.Mickey’s elimination means other members are safe in the competition.Producers were not in that good mood as he has done this without their permission .So they asked him to leave.

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Fans are now more excited to know about the true identity of the other competitors….after this many people started posting tweets regarding this .

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