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Whom Did Chris Martin Is Dating Currently

Chris Martin has enjoyed unprecedented success as a frontman of the popular band, Coldplay. Ever since the band was formed in 1996. With a reported estimated net worth of $475 million, this band will go down in history as one of the most popular bands ever.

Not only is the band popular but its members have also enjoyed star status ever since the band’s evolution. Chris Martin has somehow always stayed in the news some way or the other.

Whether it was his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow or his dating life post-divorce, he has enjoyed quite a bit of attention.

Chris Martin has been dating Fifty Shades of Grey famed actor Dakota Johnson since 2017. The couple were spotted for the first time at a sushi restaurant and since then, fans have gone wild. The couple has been very private about their dating life and their relationship status.

Despite a 13-year age gap, the couple has reportedly been happy and content in their relationship.

After the tabloids started reporting a probable relationship between the two, they spotted together quite a few times, that eventually confirmed their relationship.

However, the couple has not been without their own set of controversy. In January of 2018, Dakota’s father Don Johnson, also a Hollywood veteran called Chris Martin’s relationship with her “troubling.” But, that didn’t seem to faze the couple who have been going strong till now.

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But, Dakota’s mother and actress Melanie Griffith said she was quite happy for the couple and approved of the relationship saying that she adores him. She also went on to call them an awesome couple.

So much serious was their relationship that the couple even got a matching tattoo of the infinity sign.

Reports of their split were running rampant, but soon the rumours died down as the couple were spotted in a picture together.

Some tabloids even reported that the couple were set to be engaged soon.

Seems like the couple is indeed going strong. For now, Chris Martin is a taken man, ladies!