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Who Will Be The Villian In Aquaman 2 All Details Regarding Release Date, Cast And Plot !!

This film is about a water boy who is born to protect the water world .As his mother was from the water world and his father was a human ,so he is the mixture of both the species.

Writer- David Leslie ,Johnson-McGoldrick

About the release date-

It was confirmed by Warner Bros itself that the Aquaman 2 is going to be renewed for its second season  ,and it’s second season will come in theaters on December 16,2022 .

 Casts To Be Seen in Aquaman 2

Major casts will definitely return and these include :

  • Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry)
  •  Amber Heard ( Mera )
  • Willem Dafoe ( Vulko)
  •  Patrick Wilson ( Orm)
  •  Nicole Kidman (Atlanna) 
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen (Black Manta )
  • Dolph Lundgren ( Nereus)
  • Julie Andrews ( Karathen ) is approximated

Who will be the villain in Aquaman 2?

Guesses has been made about the villain that could be in aquaman 2 .

We got to know from the sources that may be black manta and dr Stephen can be the villain in aquaman 2 ,but that does not signify that Orm will not play any evil trick ….!The villains in aquaman first part are Patrick Wilson’s Orm/Ocean Master,but he may be not behind all the major plotting.

So no surety is there about the villain to be seen in aquaman 2 ….we can only wait for the trailer to come that will give us some information about the aquaman 2 .

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About Aquaman 2:

As cast and plot is not confirmed for aquaman 2 ,but  in aquaman 2 we may see that black manta may want to punish the aquaman for breaking the laws of water world.In aquaman 2, the villain may use all his powers to his full limits.

Arthur has to face off many problems after becoming the lord of the atlantis.He will become more powerful than before.. ,fans are going to love it .

Aquaman 2 is going to hit the theatres.

Stay tuned for more updates