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Who Started The Fire In Minneapolis City Ask To Leave The Place As Soon As Possible

A massive fire burned at as many as 30 places on Thursday in Minneapolis during a third straight night of disruption during the protest over the death of George Floyd along East Lake Street. The guy for whom the protest has been started is a black guy who was killed by a white police officer during his arrest, by kneeling over his neck while he was crying that he couldn.t breathe. The Minneapolis police department has terminated the officers, and actions are to be against them.

Multiple fires have been reported, including fatal shooting and looting of business. The department says that amongst all those fires, around 16 were planned and structured during the protests. The apartments, buildings are all burned to the ground, and the aftermath of the shooting showed an AutoZone store. No one was injured from the fire, including the civilians or firefighters. Although, the department had to face some damage to equipment due to some rock pelting by the protestors. The cause of the fire is intentional, as said by the department of Minneapolis.

The path of damage has spread around miles, and the smoke hung over the entire East Lake Street. The city had to face many more outbreaks of violence as the protest and march continued throughout the day. Also, the man was found being shot during the time of protest, and he died in the hospital. However, a possible suspect has been arrested by the police officers.

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Video footage has also gone viral on social media, which shows a man who is suspected of sparking criminal violence around the city. The guy is named as umbrella man and has remained undetected by the cops. Much outrage has been broken out, and the police also released tear gas on the protestors, and in return, they attacked by throwing projectiles.
The situation is getting worse day by day and has seen no improvements from the past few days; instead, it has taken more hit and is not expected to cool down any sooner, until and unless George Floyd receives his justice.