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Who Killed James Jordan All We Know so Far

Basketball is loved and cherished all over the world. People do gatherings and game nights for such sports. When you hear the word Basketball and the players, Michael Jordan comes mind. However, did you know about his father, James Jordan? There are a lot of things that you should know about him. James Jordan was always the perfect father for Michael but something really bad happened in 1993.

James Jordan’s Death

One of James Jordan’s co-worker had passed away back in 1993. James Jordan had been in Wilmington on July 22 in order to be there for his funeral. Most of the day went ahead because of the funeral and also because James met up with his friends living in the town. However, he had a flight the next day. It was for him to go to Chicago. He must have been tired so to get some rest, he stopped the car.

He slept and there were two men who came to his car. They saw him sleeping and they shot James Jordan. After they murdered him, they ended up taking his car.

The names of the murderers are Larry Demery and Daniel Green. James’s dead body was found a couple of weeks after.

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Speculations by the Media

When the media found out that James Jordan has died. There were many theories by them. The death was supposed to be a murder but also a random act of violence. However, the media said that it was that. According to them, it was Michael’s fault.

Their theory suggested that the death was a mob hit. Mob wanted to send a message to Michael Jordan because he owed money to them. However, this was never really proved. The murderers did not know anything about that.

Impact on Michael

During the 96’ NBA finals, it was Father’s Day. It was a big day for Michael as he also won the game. The sad thing about this was that James used to be with Michael on his games but this was the first time, he was not. His family, however, were in the stadium and they had signs with them.

After the game ended, he went to his training room in the court. Right when he enters, he falls on the ground and just cries. He took basketball and started to cry with it. That moment was one of the saddest one, I have ever watched.

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