Who Is Umpire Paschim Pathak as He Shown up With a ‘Rockstar’ Hairstyle in the IPL Match KKR vs SRH Tie..who Is He? Read What We Got About Him…

IPL is no less than any festival for Indians, and all the teams gains equal focus of fans. But what if I tell this time a umpire gained more attention than the match. On the last sunday we got to see an awesome match between SRH and KKR, whose umpire was a rockstar. The umpire Pashchim pathak gained a kot of attention in the match because of his rockstar like hair style while umpiring. In the start it looked like it’s a female umpire but soon it get to know that it was pashchim will long open hairs and specs along with a cool cap.

Many people joined together on Twitter and commmeted about his cool appearance at the field and have him the nickname ” rockstar umpire”.

Another Famous Incident of Umpire Pashchim Pathak That Gave Him a Lot of Attention

You might have never witnesses any injury to an umpire during the match,  but sometimes it gets real deadly. During the Vijay Hazare Trophy Series 2015-2016, Pashchim pathak became the first umpire to wear a protective helmet during match. He explained himself as ” Post phil hughs incident and death ofofan umpire he felt like it’s very scary to stand In mid kf pitch without safety, the sound of hitting ward was scary. I thought his Skull was open, the way he collapsed gave me shivers. It was the moment I thought I am definitely going to wear a helmet”.

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Some Additional Information About Pashchim Pathak

His full name is Pashchim girish pathak and he is borned on 17 November 1976 in Mumbai india.  We don’t know about his sallery but on an average an umpire in IPL series makes 1.5 lakh per match.

He appeared 8 times in the IPL series of 2014 & 2015,twice in women’s ODI in 2012.