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Who Is Rahul Dubey? Is He Helped the Protesters

The protests in the US have been pretty violent off late which led the Govt. to organize curfew at many places around the country. It’s no different for the city of DC. Protests have been pretty powerful in the DC recently and there’s a lot of tension among the Police and the outraged protesters.

They have been doing their best to keep away the protesters of the streets recently and tear gas and pepper spray has become common told to push away the crowd.

The Hero we need!!

Recently a group of protesters who were marching away from the protest in the DC area near the White House were stuck because of the Police surrounding them. And that was the moment when the curfew began at 7 pm which would have led to their arrest for violating the curfew. But a Hero emerged from neighborhood to save them all.

An Indian-American man named Rahul Dubey opened his doors to around 70-80 protesters and saved them from getting arrested. Without a second thought, he got all of them inside.

Reports claimed that the Police had chased the protesters till his house and they shot tear gas and pepper sprays inside his house through the windows. They were coughing for like an hour Rahul reported.

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He and his neighbors ensured that the terrified protesters get relief from the pepper sprays by providing them with milk and water.

He even ordered pizza for all the protesters, fed them, and took care of them till the curfew was lifted.

Not all heroes wear capes

In an interview with ABC news channel, he said, “I hope that my 13-year-old son grows up to be just as amazing as they are.”

Thanks to Rahul that he saved so many with his generosity and saving them from getting arrested.

His deeds were applauded by all the protesters and praised on Social Media as well. Thanking him the protesters left chocolate cookies, flowers, and thank you cards on his doorstep. And thanks to the neighbors of the place who also tried to help as Rahul did.

The next morning the protesters gathered outside his house to applaud his for his never generous deed. Not all heroes wear capes and so does Rahul.