Who Is Mystery Girl Riana Lalwani in MI vs KXIP IPL Match All You Need to Know

Mumbai Indians vs Kings Eleven Punjab match held on 18th october was indeed one of the few best things that happened in 2020. The amazing and super thrilling match with historic two super overs in one match was nail biting. The other beautiful thing happened in this match was the cute snap of a nail biting girl by the cameraman. That girl’s name is Riana Lalwani.

Riana Lalwani was captured by cameraman when she was biting her nails while watching the match, that too live. She is one of those luckiest superfans who got to watch the IPL match live.

Indian premier league is the cricket competition held in India where players from different countries play cricket representing the states in India. IPL has the huge fan base. This year due COVID, the competition is shifted to Dubai. It’s almost next to impossible for most of the fans to witness the matches live. Very few fans could go to the stadiums to watch the match. One such lucky fan is Riana Lalwani.

The MI vs KIXP match was astonishing and thrilling

KIXP beat up MI in two super overs. Unpredictability of the match was the greatest factor to make this match one of the best.

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When the cameraman caught Riana Lalwani biting her nails off in the excitement of the match , she caught all the eyes. She gained sudden popularity. There are now various pages by her name on instagram. Though instagram has verified her real account. Last year Deepika Ghose was the highlight of IPL and it seems this year Riana Lalwani has stolen all the lim elight.