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Who Is Binod in Memes Why It Is Trending Everywhere in Social Media

Gaining popularity on social media nowadays has become perhaps the easiest of tasks. Nowadays the quality of the content is not even a factor behind the videos becoming a sensation. There are many YouTube channels who on a daily basis only provide fake news content, boring videos on trying to make people laugh or just appear in front of a video camera and speak gibberish. People with an eye for the unusual spot them and start making memes and jokes about them which in hindsight increases their popularity.

Who is Binod?

Recently social media handles have been flooded with jokes and meme templates of Binod. People have been inquisitive about knowing who this guy Binod is. There is a channel named Slayypoint on YouTube which makes videos. In one of such videos, we could see a guy commenting his own name in the comment box and the comment received 7 likes. This was taken to be a spamming technique by trying to gain attention for his own name. The neitzens adopted this technique and have since been using this template to make memes and jokes everywhere.

How Did He Become Popular?

After the comment received 7 likes on YouTube people started noticing it even more. Suddenly the name started getting shared and reshared on social media. Within a very short span of time social media was flooded with memes on Binod. It was used on many meme templates like in famous Bollywood movie dialogues. One of the instances where the name was used is in a line from Peaky Blinders where Tommy says that everybody is Binod Grace, we just sell parts of ourselves. Other memes have shown a sandstorm approaching a place. The place has been identified as the Indian social media and the sandstorm has been personified as Binod.

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Other popular videos

Recently some videos did receive the same amount or more amount of popularity on social media. Videos made by a person named Hindustani Bhau basically shows a person dressed like Sanjay Dutt blaring out expletives while giving his viewpoints on issues taking place in India. His videos have been extremely trolled on social media recently. We also saw the funny video of the paraglider who was asking his trainer to land him. The entire video is shot on a video camera.