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White Lines Season 2 Does Netflix Plans to Release Date and Major Updates on Cast

Crime series then again we just have to say that Netflix has just been able to dominate the genre. With “White Lines”, It has been able to prove once again that it’s the best.

The Theme of the Series

” White Lines”, revolves around the tragic death of a famous DJ artist Axel Collins who used to rule the night clubs like crazy.

The protagonist of the series Zoe Walker who flies from Manchester on a Spanish island to meet her brother but unfortunately she witnesses her brother’s body.

When she tries to find out how her brother was killed, she gets to know about his troubled relationships, substance abused and all troubled late-night parties and much more.

We don’t really know when the upcoming season is going to be out and the fact that there is no official renewal of the series. So, this is something which we need to wait for and only Netflix can help us.

The Future of the Series

The upcoming season is something which we are definitely waiting for eagerly as the whole thing is pretty interesting as Zoe was in a pinch with her family and lifestyle on the two sides unbalanced. Zoe has although been able to quite a lot of things but all that is coming back to her with a price.

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The cliffhanger will be the fact that what Zoe is about to do next, going to have her marriage or continue to search for her brother’s murderer.  This going to be one hell of a ride.

The cast of the upcoming season is definitely going to remain the same as that’s something very important and the fact that this is going to be a whole other level of excitement. So, changing now will be a huge problem.

We don’t have a trailer for the upcoming season but no need to worry as there will be one for sure but not now.