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Where to Watch and Stream Andrea Bocelli’s “Music for Hope” Performance of Milan’s Duomo Cathedral Easter 2020

Who Is Andrea Bocelli

An Italian opera singer, songwriter and producer who has an excellent command in themes like Latin pop, traditional pop, classical crossover, and operatic pop, and his latest “Music For Hope” performance for Easter is what took his fans astonished. He had recorded more than 15 solo studio albums and sold more than 90 million records of them.

He is regarded as one among in the list of the international pop chart. The owner of various awards, including Hollywood Walk Of Fame in the year 2010, Golden Globe for the best original song, Grammy Awards for Best New Artist He has his presence in Guinness Book Of World Records for his classical album Sacred Arias.

Andrea Bocelli to Perform Easter Concert from Italy's Empty Duomo ...

“Music for Hope”

The whole world is under the effect of the coronavirus.This pandemic had effected lakhs of population, and in the midst of that, we found this soul delivering a message of hope, love, and good wishes for the people to deliver the strength to fight against this pandemic and stay positive in this hard time.

He delivered this from the city’s cathedral-The The Duomo di Milano in Italy on the occasion of Easter. This song will surely bring unity in the humans, and they would gather the courage to win against this suffering. This took place on April 12, 2020, and it happened in the absence of a live audience. Yet, the message delivered was strong enough to defeat the pandemic. The cathedral was filled with good vibes as his voice echoed. The money collected from the concerts is donated to help those in need during this time of danger.

Where to Watch and Stream

Because of an outbreak due to coronavirus, there were no live audiences at the concert, but it had been recorded and the viewers can stream it on any online channel, including youtube. He performed holy songs like “Ave Maria and “Mascagni’s. According to him, it wasn’t a concert; rather it was a prayer to spread positivity as much as possible. It was telecasted live on his youtube channel at 1 p.m ET and 10 a.m PT, and it was saved in his youtube page so that we can watch it anytime we want.3

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