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Where to Watch America’s Next Top Model Tyra Banks

America’s Next Top Model is certainly a competitive show. However, as time passed, people began to like it because the contestants and everyone else became a little bit mature. Though, the past comes back to haunt everyone. So much has been happening with the show and Tyra Banks.

Recently, something huge happened which involved Tyra Banks. It was actually a clip that was from the show but it was recorded years ago.

What Was in the Clip?

There was this contestant in the show. Her name is Dani Evans. Basically, Tyra Banks, in the clip, talks to the young girl about a gap in her teeth. Now Tyra says that the girl dd go to the dentist. However, she says that Dani said no to getting the gaps closed.

Besides this, Tyra Banks begins to say to the young girl that she won’t be able to get a Cover Girl contract because of the gap in her teeth. Mind you, all of this happened years ago when the show was at its sixth season.

What was Tyra’s Response?

When she saw that people are going crazy about the clip. She responded saying that she agrees with what happened on America’s Next Top Model. She said that there were some of these moments. Tyra agrees that they were wrong. Besides this, she said that she is happy and glad for the ones who are giving their opinions about this situation.

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Tyra also said that when she said good things to the contestants, it was because of the fact that many other girls are watching the show. She wanted to tell those girls that they are also as good as the contestants on the show. Besides this, it would also help in motivating the viewers to be kinder on themselves.

Where Can You Watch America’s Next Top Model?

The show is available on many different platforms. The seasons which are available on The CW, are also available on Netflix. However, if you want to watch 22 seasons of the show, you might have to go to HULU for that. Besides these, the show is also available on VH1, Bravo and UPN.

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