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Where to Watch 88rising Niki Live Stream

Well, The pandemic has caused a lot of trouble and in days we have nothing to participate. Every big event and occasion has been ruined because of it. So, In the time of sadness, celebs of Asia have decided to organise an online event where people will be able to join and enjoy even if from their home.

An All Asia Live Event!!

The Asian-American hip hop collective “88rising” is going to join the live stream and they have done that by announcing ASIA RISING FOREVER event where the global live stream will take place.

The online fest is going to have an acting lineup of about 20 acts and it’s going to be streaming in about 11 countries with famous artists like Rich Brian, NIKI, Dumbfoundead, Stephanie Poetri and Josh Pan.

There will be a large variety of music artists are also going to be there to make sure the event becomes more popular and those who are going to be there are Kang Daniel, Lim Kim with London based lo-fi singer Beabadoobee. Filipino singer Inigo Pascual, pop singers like
Mxmtoon, Phum Viphurit, Yuna and many more.

The online festival is going to be premiered on May 6 at 9 pm and the whole event is going to be broadcast on YouTube as well as on Twitter and the timeline is going to coincide with the beginning of Asian American and Pacific Islander month.

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Why Such a Sudden Uprise in Digital Events??

The whole digital events have been going around in different parts of the world and even there are global shows which are going on to make sure that the population could be able to stay at home and didn’t lose their mind while staying fixed in one place.

With that, being said the whole thing and what is going to be happening in this live event. You can check it on YouTube as they have uploaded a kind of teaser to make sure people get a good idea of the event.