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When Will Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Release Date Will Be Coming out All You Need to Know

“Sonic The Hedgehog”, This movie has been able to make fans insane. It was not that great but it was sure fun and the character was depicted by CGI in a pretty good way. Now, the movie has been able to amass quite a fan base and people are already asking for the second one.

So, Let’s Talk About the Updates Which We Have in Our Hand for Now.

The movie is based on the SEGA game of the same name and the first part was in works since 2014 which released in 2020 When the VFX part was completely changed.

The second movie didn’t get any type of confirmation, even though the budget of the movie was not that big and the fact that the movie was profitable around the world.

So, It will be a pretty long time before Paramount announces the latest part of this one but if the movie releases any time then it’s going to be released around 2022.

The story for the upcoming movie is something that we don’t have any idea but we can be pretty sure that the movie series will be continuing like the game only which means that the whole thing will follow the ” Sonic 2″ maybe.

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Cast and Trailer

The cast of the movie is something which we don’t know but it will remain the same regarding the cast and there could be some new members too but then again we don’t know which are the characters which they are going to introduce.

The story of the first part was a kind of cliffhanger where our heroes were trapped and even though the bad guys were defeated still they were able to get away with their acts.

We don’t have the trailer for the upcoming movie. So, need to wait for it for a long time before we get to know what’s coming our way.