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When Will “Katy Perry Daisies” Song Will Release

Katy Perry always mesmerizes her fans with her beautiful songs. Another single named ‘Daisies’ which is part of her next unnamed album has released recently. Jonathan Bellion, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Michael Pollack are the writers of this song including her as well. She had been quite busy the last few days updating her social media about the new single. We can Daisies in her every post so far.

It’s a Powerful Song for Sure

Like her hit single roar, it also talks about the importance of human spirit. The single released on May 15, 2020. Perry who has been the judge of American Idol wrote the song a month as she tweeted. According to Perry, the song is about how we can remain true to ourselves. And not caring about what others may say about us.

The visuals of the video song are great. This time we get a nice vintage feel which is awesome with the tune of the song. Katy is pregnant as we can see clearly in her video. She is bold enough to bare it all which is nothing new for Perry. The video is shot from a greater distance as we can see, abiding by the social distance measures. 

Katy looks happy and her radiant beauty is sure to make you fall in love with her again. She seems to be enjoying her pregnancy phase fully. What could be more special than to write a song and embrace it? More power to you Katy.  

This is the first single in her fifth album which is going to be released sometime in August. The name is still to be revealed. Her last album ‘Witness’ was released in 2017 which was a long time ago. 

But this time we are going to have just more than one happy news when her album drops.

Perry and Orlando Are Preparing for a Baby Shower

The couple is expecting a baby which they have declared earlier. We can see Perry flaunting the baby bump wearing white. Sources close to them say that they want a Baby Shower for the baby. But because of the pandemic issues, they are avoiding it. Perry revealed that she is expecting the baby sometime in august. As fans, we are happy about the couple.

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