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When Will Coronavirus End Is There Any Vaccine Made

When can we see the vaccine?

The scientist is finding it hard to find a cure for coronavirus as scientist know little about how it spreads and what is its behaviour. Research is going at great speed. There are 20 vaccines in development out of which one has started the human trial whereas many others are still being tested on animals to test their effectiveness. Even if the scientist finds a vaccine the question is regarding the mass production of the vaccine due which the availability of vaccine would be possible only till the middle of next year. Also, the thing that adds to the trouble is that four types of coronaviruses exist.

The Age group that vaccine will Cover:

As old people immune system is already weak so the vaccine would not be much effective for the old people. So older people are at great risk.

Side effects of the vaccine and who will benefit first by the vaccine:

Every medicine has its side effect so coronavirus vaccine would not be any different but till the research is complete it is difficult to answer anything. Even if the vaccine is developed first there would be limited supply of vaccine so it can be expected that old people who are most vulnerable and the healthcare worker who is treating coronavirus patient would be first to benefit from it.

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Update regarding drugs which are been tested:

Doctors are testing anti-viral drugs as they are generally harmless for people. Till now only one drug which is used as a treatment against Ebola that is remdesivir has been thought to be little effective according to trials. Also, an anti-malarial drug called chloroquine has been found effective against the virus but the scientist are waiting for results when it is tested on humans.