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When Will Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children Start Season Will Be Air Date on HBO

Atlanta child murder is one of the most horrible incidents that happened between 1979-1981 in Atlanta Georgia. This incident also called the Atlanta murders of 1979-1981. In those years a man named Wayne Williams murdered around 28 people including children and adults.

During this period the whole of Atlanta was in fear, the government decided to curfew the whole place, the parents are afraid to leave their children alone, and families almost moved to another city.

More than 100 investigators are working on this case but they can’t catch the main culprit. After so many years later the curfew was ongoing to the city but suddenly detective got their first clue that every time when the murdered happened a Chevrolet Wagon was presented that moment on the murdered place. On May 22, 1981, police caught on the same Chevrolet Wagon, the driver was Wayne Bertram Williams.

On this story, HBO is going to release a documentary series titled ” Atlanta ’s Missing And Murdered: The Lost Children”. This semi solved case will be shown in the documentary and also the documentary will be based on the plot of ”Mindhunter-2”. In the previous spring of 2019, the case reopened and the authority retested all the DNA evidence with advance technology and bring justice to everyone who lost lives.

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When will be the series release?

”Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: the lost children” will be premieres on 5 the April, 2020 at 8 pm ET/PT on HBO and as well as others streaming application or platform.

Who Will Be in This Series?

The document is executive produced by Sam Polland and Maro Chermayeff and Jeff Dupre for show of force. And John Legend, Mike Jackson, Ty Stiklorius for Get Lifted co. In association with Roc Nation. And also the casts are not yet decided. Untill then stay tuned.