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When Were Paris Hilton and Piers Morgan Married?? Piers Claimed That He’s Her Husband and Gave a Shock to Everyone

Piers Morgan shocked and confused audience of Good Morning Britain by his recent claim. He claimed that he is still married to the heiress, the famous Paris Hilton. His co host Suzzana Reid was shocked to hell after listening to the claim of Piers.

As Peirs Morgan claimed that it was true and he has the video clip of the ceremony. He showed a short video of him and Paris Hilton getting married.

What actually happened is a funny story. Paris Hilton and Piers Morgan were in Las Vegas and got married for a TV show to prove how easy it is to do anything in Las Vegas. It happened in 2009.

They got married in Planet Hollywood. She wore a beautiful white gown with a flowy veil. Even Piers Morgan wore a special outfit. He wore a classy blue suit.

Paris Hilton’s dog walked her down the aisle. There was a Elvis lookalive and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike as her bridesmaid.

They both also exchanged rings. Morgan wore a simple band while Paris flaunted a gigantic diamond ring from Nordstrom. All the ceremony was finished in 15 minutes.

Piers Morgan claimed that though technically he is still married to Paris Hilton there was no legal aspect to the marriage. That makes his marriage with

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Celia Walden valid. They got married in 2010 and we’re engaged at the time of the engagement.

Paris Hilton is now dating the author and entrepreneur Carter Reum. She recently said about Reum that it was meant to be. She Broke up with Chris Zylka two years back. According to her it was the best decision of her life.