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When the “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands” Is Going to Release, Delayed Due to COVID 19 and Other Details About New Alpha!!!

Blizzard Entertainment presents the most downloaded multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft. The game available for preorder at Blizzcon on November 1, 2019, but it rescheduled in 2020. The game available in Microsoft Windows and macOS. The first game released in 2004 once than they developed many things. In this 2020 update, they added features like level squish or level reduction, the player who is in level 120 they reduced to level 50, and when the player reached 60, they have a new level title or cap.

After being the war-chief of the Horde in the battle for Azeroth, Sylvanus Windrunner, one of the main hero, he traveled to northern ice town citadel. The shadowland has 6 zones, Bastion, oribos, Ardenweald, Revendreth, Maldraxxus, and Maw. Maw is a place where people’s afterlife soul is reserved. And the shadowland is wrapped. The situation is terrible.

What new update will be there? What about the zones?

Each zones had there own features, Oribos, which is placed in the middle of the map, and it’s also called the capital of shadowlands. Bastion zone is where souls give services of other go, which is ruled by the Kyrian Covenant. On the other hand, Makdraxxus, where war soldier’s souls lived in tents, it is governed by Necrolord Covenant. And Ardenweald, on the other hand, is a peaceful forest where souls are closed to nature lived, and they were lived there because they are preparing for reincarnation, and it is ruled by Night Fae.

The rest of the two lands are the dark side of this game, Revendreth, where souls who lived prideful or flawed, they were denied there, the land ruled by Ventnor. Last is The Maw. It is like a prison where people ruled by a tough jailer and locked in shadowlands.

When will the game be released? Is it postponed?

Wowhead reported file to blizzard that they have released an alpha build for the world of warcraft shadowlands this week; unfortunately the build is encrypted because of this serious situation, COVID-19. The employees have been sent home because of this quarantine.

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That does not mean that the game is postponed, but, surely, the worker will continue their work from home, as soon as they possible, they will release the update. We heard that it would be 2020 June. Let see we have to wait for this COVID -19 virus situation control. Until then, stay tuned, and stay safe, stay at home.