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When Taboo 2 Will Feature On Screen? Taboo Season 2 Announcement And What Will Happen In This Series We Have Got Some News For You

Taboo is going to come back for its sequel. It is one of the long-waited seasons of Taboo which is still on the play cards. Since the release of the first season, Taboo was a big success. And now, season 2 is going to give a great come back.

Release date of Taboo 2

The first season of Taboo aired from January 7, 2017, in the United Kingdom. The season two may get a release in early 2018. However, 2018 passed, and there was no release for Taboo 2. The busy schedule of Hardy and Knight hold the second part of Taboo.

However, there was an update in early 2019 for the release of Taboo 2.

Still, there was not any significant news, and therefore, Taboo 2 is going to release until late 2020. Six episodes of the taboo 2 written gather multiple decisions of the team and the members are moving forward for one way.

The cast of Taboo 2

Till now, Hardy is the only confirmed returnee for the season 2 of Taboo. Along with him, main cast members expected to return for Taboo 2 include Mark Gatiss, David Hayman, Nicholas Woodeson, Lorna Bow, Stephen Graham, Edward Hogg, and Jason Watkins.

The expected comeback for the stars also involves Roger Ashton Griffiths, Scroobius Pip, Tom Hollander, Louis Serkis, Marina Hands, and Lucian Msamati.

However, the cast which gets killed in the first series of Taboo not expected to reappear including Jefferson Hall, Michael Kelly, Jonathan Pryce, Oona Chaplin, Leo Bill. 

What will happen next in Taboo 2?

The first series of Taboo which includes surviving allies of James setting sail for America plus Steven Knight has given some clues. The audience has some idea about the Taboo season 2 as to where Knight is going to take the story of James.

However, some explosive stuff is going to happen in the next part of Taboo. In the season one of Taboo, the historical drama revolves around James Delaney and for the season 2, is presumed to be dead return for his father’s funeral.

It is expecting that James will investigate the suspicious death of his father, and at the same time, he will search for his family’ pride.  

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