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When Outer Banks Is Releasing on Netflix Here Is the Things You Need to Know

Producer wing of this show has tried for years to produce successful dramas. But their efforts went in vain, with inadequate public responses and negative reviews from critics.

The series Outer Banks will have 10 episodes on Netflix. Casting Elements have expressed faith behind the concept and script of the show.

Plot of Outer Banks

Storyline will focus around a group of teenagers called Pogues. They are on an island at Outer Banks, North California to celebrate a summer holiday.

Things take for a vicious turn one night when a catastrophic hurricane destroys electricity facilities available there. Everything comes to a standstill in the darkness.

Heinous acts are committed during this interval which makes the teenager’s life a living hell. They embark on an expedition to find their ringleader.

Storyline borders around the emotional elements of trust, friendship and internal conflicts in human beings. These naïve sentiments are brought to the fore after the incident took place.

Teenagers then also lookout for a quest in hidden treasure. The story envelops a strong sense of mystery and adventure. It also becomes a classic tale of revenge when the Pogues get in trouble with their enemies.

Outer Banks Cast Details

New kids on the block like Chase Stokes, John B, Rudy Pankow, J.J. Jonathon Davis and Sarah Cameron star as the primary characters in the show.

Other very relevant roles are played by Charles Esten, Austin North and Drew Starkey.

Apart from this, a variety of other popular actors are slated to be cast in some of the most important roles in the series.

Outer Banks Release Date

Release Date for the show was decided by Netflix about a month ago. The streaming giant declared that the show would release on 15th April 2020. While the world is reeling with COVID 19 pandemic, Netflix aims to make your quarantine stay entertaining and productive. Thus if you like teenage adventures with a tinge of mystery to it, you can definitely binge-watch Outer Banks.

It is expected that you won’t be disappointed with what the show has to offer.

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