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When Killing Eve Season 3 out Check Here All Updates

Season two of Killing Eve gave us a huge cliffhanger and we are waiting to see what is going to happen next. We want to know what happens next for Eve and Villanelle. The show is an American drama series by BBC. Its showrunner is Suzanne Heathcote. Killing Eve season 3 is all ready to come back in April 2020.

When Is Killing Eve Season 3 Starting?

Killing Eve season 3 will arrive in the US and UK on the same date! Killing Eve will start on BBC on Monday 13th April, a day after it starts in America. You can watch the show on Mondays at 6 A.M.

The show will start on BBC One after a week later on Sunday 19th April 2020 at 9 P.M. For the fans who live in US, the show starts on BBC America at 9 P.M. on 12th April.

Will There Be a Season 4?

Of course! After Killing Eve was renewed for its third season, its second season had not even ended. Killing Eve season four has also been confirmed!

What Will Be the Plot of Killing Eve Season 3?

Is Eve going to survive? We will find out a lot more about the past of the characters and the future. The third season will continue from the story of two women whose past is pretty bad. They want to live their life without the other woman. Villanelle is a jobless assassin. Eve is dead. Eve is a former MI6 agent who is living in plain sight.

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All is looking awesome until they both end up on an explosive path yet again. So much happens but it will take them away from their past and present. Their family and friends will be gone. So much is expected to happen during this season of Killing Eve. We are really excited to watch the upcoming season.

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