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When Is Pride Month 2020 All We Know So Far

Expression of Freedom is one of the biggest gifts that democracy can give us. We should be able to cherish our inner being and reflect our views publicly. After the passing of Article 376A and the allowance of same-sex marriage, this norm was officially accepted in society. People considered queer and strange in society gathered to express their utter joy and happiness at the passing of this decision. Since then Pride Day is celebrated in the United States of America with great grandeur. However, all the celebrations have been pegged back due to the effects of COVID 19. This has led to an unprecedented lockdown in several parts of the country. The following are some details on how the pride month is planned to be celebrated this year.

When is Pride Month and How is it celebrated?

This year the announcement for the celebration was made in April. June 27th 2020 was set as the date for organizing the pride celebrations. In the previous year long historic marches took place where members of the LGBTQ community participated. They waved around their banners in Vibgyor color to express their freedom of expression and speech. It was celebrated in the city of Seattle with many public functions taking place throughout the day. More than 5 million people visited the country to celebrate this historic event. This generated more than $20 million for the Seattle Tourism Department as revenue for that particular event.

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What plans are being made this year?

This year, however, the situation is a bit different. Since the country is in a lockdown, social gatherings are highly restricted. So the Seattle Pride Community, the organizers of this event are looking for unique methods. They just do not want to make it a lengthened string of Zoom sessions. Many cultural programs are being planned with the utmost zeal. They majorly consist of singing, dancing and other forms of art, which has a direct connection with human freedom.

Other plans being made in the New York City

Small parts of New York City cannot match this Seattle event in grace and multitude. Thus they are trying to organize it with the collective strength of the localized people. An organization’s there are recruiting local singers and DJ’s to arrange for musical concerts. They are also trying to host an online pride March in which millions of people representing the community can participate.