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When Is Netflix Coming out With Season 2 of Tiger King Murder, Mayhem and Madness?

Though the show has gained a ton of popularity since it was released on 20th March 2020 on Netflix, there are no clear updates from Netflix with regards to the release of season 2. The show caught fire after a $94 million lawsuit was filed by none other than Joe Exotic. Though, Netflix is working hard to come back to the screens with season 2 because a lot of unseen footage is ready to surface and blow people’s minds.

What happens if there is no season 2? 

Even if Netflix is unable to come out with a new season, there is an excellent chance that there will be a podcast dictating parts of the “unseen footage.” This is a documentary that a lot of people like. Someone will discover a way to get that footage out. Legally, of course.

Who was the man that created the whole ruckus?

Joe Exotic, a man who was allegedly arrested due to murder-for-hire allegations. 17 wildlife charges! I mean, this guy is now rotting in prison for a long time of 22 years. He killed 5 tigers in 2017, and since they are endangered species, he was thrown into jail, including the other charges as well.

Cardi B and her GoFundMe

According to the hot gossip, Cardi B. basically promised her fans and her non-fans that she would start a GoFundMe page in order to free Joe. She thinks that he was not fairly judged and should roam around freely.

Let’s see what Netflix does in order to bring back this TV show that has gotten everyone obsessed. Hopefully, the lawsuit will turn into positive news. All we can do right now is wait and see what happens.

Be safe during these times. Keep yourself isolated and be alert. Have a good day!

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