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When Is Memorial Day 2020 to Be Celebrated in United States

Amid the growing concerns about Coronavirus, all festivities and merriment have come to a standstill. All activities are on a halt for the moment. Required personnel for the completion of the job is lacking. There is an immediate need to reinforce them in the United States of America as their earning reputations are at stake. In the midst of all this, America has decided to celebrate the revered Memorial Day on May 25th, 2020. But there is a strict advisory on social distancing. This means that a mass gathering for the commemorative purpose of this event is strictly prohibited. Thus the state has decided to take innovative forms of action to celebrate this event. Details about the methods are listed below.

What and When is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States of America on an annual basis on May 25th. It is a day when the average Americans acknowledge the sacrifices that the American armed forces had made on the battlefields. Pride marches, parades are other forms of merriment organized to show tribute and respect to the soldiers who had given up their lives during their service to the country. Millions of Americans gather around the memorial statue or plaque and pray for the lives which were lost in combat. These soldiers include the US Military, US Marine Corps, and Air Force Officers.

What Are the Innovative Methods Planned for This Memorial Day?

Many new innovative methods are being thought of in the wake of this pandemic. The American Legion Post 184 of Wildwood, New Jersey, has thought about a unique plan. Soldiers there have decided to coordinate with the police and fire department officials. They will organize a pride March drive-by on the streets. First respondents to the march can also participate in an event. The purpose of this event will be to create a perfect memorial like situation around their houses. One who wins this competition will be rewarded with a $100 Visa Gift Card.

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Apart from that, students are also being encouraged to participate. They can download images and posters on the internet. Upon downloading them, they would have to write in a few lines what freedom and patriotism mean to them. The one with the best write up will receive a note of Thank you from the Veteran. Residents at Illinois DuPage County have also devised a unique method to celebrate the event. They have formed a unique website in which they are uploading pictures and videos of these soldiers. Along with that, small poems, quotes, and anecdotes are also being shared by some citizens.

Difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day

The purpose behind most of these significant events is similar. They are to celebrate the spirit of freedom. And also to pay respect to the US soldiers. But on Memorial Day, we commemorate the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in combat. On the other hand, on Veterans Day, we pay respect to both living and dead soldiers. Veterans Day is actually to pay homage to the brave soldiers who still reside among us. They have an immense contribution to the freedom struggles of the USA.