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When Does Season 2 Of The Haunting Of Hill House Start On Netflix

The haunting of hill house season 2 is also called the Haunting by Bly Manor. Season 2 will not be related to season 1 in any way, a new story is on the way for the viewers.

Director- Mike Flanagan

It will be streaming on Netflix.

A producer has confirmed that this season 2 is going to be more horrible than season1. It is going to be based on “Turn of the Screw,” written by Henry James novella.

Glimpses of season 1

The show revolves around Hugh and Olivia Crain and their five children , and the series is flipping it forward and backward in time .

All the children are scared of the time when they lost their mother in the house under some mysterious conditions.

 The death of all the children pulled them towards the hill house…and then it all started!!!

Release date:

No official date for the release of season 2 is out, but if we go with rumors then it may come in October 2020.But it is going to scare the audience in a way that they cannot even expect.

Casting characters

There are rumors that Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Luke Crane &Victoria Pedretti as Nell may be seen in season 2.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen will return in season 2 but will be playing different characters from that played in season 1 of the series. They have confirmed that the shoot for the series has finished in February 2020.

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There will be all-new characters in season 2, with a new different horror story at a different location.

Jackson-Cohen will be in the role of Peter who is one the residents of Bly Manor & Pedretti will be in the role of the governess ‘Dani’.

Kate Segal may also be seen in season 2 

The series will be full of horror, which will give you goosebumps, it’s all going to be scary ….!!

On seeing the popularity of season 1, fans are eagerly waiting for season 2.


A governess was assigned a job to take care of two orphaned children by their uncle who was not even interested in those children, so the governess came to a house ‘ bly manor’ in Essex england to take care of those children. After some time the governess started feeling the presence of some ghosts and suspected that the childrens were under the shadow of some ghosts.