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WhatsApp and Google Meet Will Get Some New Updates in the Coming Weeks

After the pandemic started and lockdowns began, Zoom became everyone’s saviour. The app helped students and teacher, employees and others to connect and do their work from the comfort of their homes. It did so through group video calls. Zoom climbed up the ranks really quickly and became very popular all over the world. But there were some problems with its security and it became its bane. It was found that Zoom is not safe. They were not fully encrypted. Even though, Zoom promised that it would fix these problems soon with some updates, it broke people’s trust. Now, its time for Google Meet and WhatsApp to rise.

However, Google Meet and WhatsApp will now use this advantage to get ahead of Zoom. In the coming weeks, these two are going to bring more updates for us. Read below to see what they are.

What is Google Meet going to do?

Google Meet, also known as Hangouts video conference. This app will do its best to get ahead of Zoom. The app will get updates in the coming weeks which will rehaul its current look, provide more security, better optimisation and new features.

What will WhatsApp do?

WhatsApp will now increase the number of people in a video or audio call. Now, four people will be able to join the same call. However, the change is currently under work and it will come out after some time. Though, we have no clue regarding video call. It used to be a very limited number of people who could join in on the call but after the update, that will change. These upcoming changes will work pretty well if there is an android and an iPhone involved in one video call.

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What more will these two apps get?

For WhatsApp, there will be a notice on the screen when a call is going on which will remind them that their call is secure and encrypted. That is something Zoom did not do.

For Google Meet, it will receive a brand-new layout in this week. It will show 16 people at once, which is just like Zoom. Besides that, this app will also give us more improvement and reduce the background noises. These updates won’t cost anything and will arrive just in time as the requirements of such apps is critical.

We will have to see whether they are finally up to the mark in order to bring more people towards them or not.

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