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What You Can Expect From the Season 2 of the Witcher? Spoilers and Everything You Should Know

Netflix released this fantasy action-drama show in December last year. Ever since then, the show has increased its already massive following. Netflix already announced that The Witcher will be back for more action. It has been viewed by millions of people and its rating are also really good.

What Is the Production Status for the Witcher Season 2?

Netflix started filming the new season in February 2020 but they had to stop the production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Netflix confirmed that seven new people are now part of the cast.

The Witcher had a very close call during the pandemic because one of the actors was positive for coronavirus. It was Kristofer Hivju. He played Tormund in Game of Thrones. After this news was found out, the set was sanitized thoroughly.

Whatever happened due to the pandemic has actually given something positive. The casting director, Sophie Holland said that they are adding to the cast through digital means. This show is already such a big hit and now they are planning to make it an even bigger one.

What Will Be the Plot of the Witcher Season 2?

The Witcher tv series was compared to HBO’s Game of Thrones. According to the show’s producer, this season’s timeline will be much straightforward as compared to the last season. The first season had multiple timelines and storylines which confused a lot of people. Now that the three main characters have met, their stories have also started to intersect.

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The first season was adopted from ‘The Last Wish’ and some parts were also adopted from ‘Sword of Destiny’. These two talked about the events before the Witcher saga came into the light. These served as a prequel before it all started.

The new season will have more from the above stated books. Now, it will be the time to take something from the saga and start the adventures. Geralt of Rivia is certainly ready.
We can’t really say for sure as to what the story will be but we will know soon enough.

When is The Witcher Season 2 coming out?

Originally, the new season was supposed to come out in the first quarter of 2021. Now that the production has temporarily paused, it’ll take longer. We can expect the new season in 2021 itself but a bit late. No one can say for sure but it will be a good aspect.