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What We Do in the Shadows Season 2: The Order of Episodes Streamlined and Much More

Horror Comedy is an unexplored genre in television series. It is one such arena where the directors have not been brave enough to venture into. However the little of this genre that we have seen, we are very excited about its prospects. Various comedies gave released in recent times like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Haunting on Hill House. Both the series have had a comic angle attached to them.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, Index of What we Do in Shadows is another popular series. First season of the show released in 2018. After a gap of one year, the director has decided to release another season on public demand.

Index of What we Do in Shadows Season 2: Plot Details

Not much information is available about the plot details of the entire second season. But as far as information goes, the plot will be carried on from where season 1 ended. It is the story of four vampires who live in Staten Island in New York City. All of them face usual struggles and difficulties in life. But they are able to negate them and live a life in peace.

Although they encounter some real difficulties, the vampires are a collective unit and are there to help each other out. Season 1 ended when we saw a hilarious battle between the Vampires and the Warewolves. How they reacted during the entire fight, was surely the most hilarious high point of the show till then.

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Index of What we Do in Shadows Season 2: Episode Schedule

• Episode 1- Resurrection April 15, 2020
• Episode 2- Ghosts April 15, 2020
• Episode 3- Brain Scramblers April 22, 2020
• Episode 4- The Curse April 29, 2020
• Episode 5- Colin’s Promotion 6th May, 2020
• Episode 6- On the Run 13th May, 2020
• Episode 7- The Return 20th May, 2020
• Episode 8- Collaboration 20th May, 2020
• Episode 9- Witches 3rd June, 2020
• Episode 10- Theatre Des Vampires 10th June, 2020

Index of What we Do in Shadows Season 2: Release Date

Release Date for the show is segregated episode wise as shown above. 2 episodes have already aired on the designated TV network. Rest of the episodes will be shown according to the above mentioned schedules.