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What To Expect From The Upcoming Season Of “The 100”.

The wait for the last and seventh season of “The 100” is over people. As it’s confirmed that the 7th season is going to be there.

The ideas regarding the making of season 7 of “The 100” was on the cards from the very start as CW boss Mark Pedowitz announced in 2018 that creator Jason Rothenberg could have some ideas left for the show.

Season 7 isn’t going to be the last though as news has come that there is going to be the 8th season for the upcoming show as in a true sense, this show is a gem for CW network as each time it’s coming with a different story and being set up in a post-apocalyptic world.

What’s Going To Happen In Season 7??

The story revolves around an apocalyptic world where the population is waging wars to make their survival and behind this theme, everything revolves around and in the latest season, there is a huge war coming up between humans which are hovering around for quite some time among the viewers also.

The series is famous for its dystopian theme and although the same old story of a group of survivors but what really make it worth to watch is that the survival is nothing like a fight to survive but survive in a way to make the world a better place. So, it’s not just the idea but also the philosophy behind the whole story which attracts people the most.

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Is The Cast Of The Show Is Going To Remain The Same Or If They Are Going To Be Different??

The cast is going to remain the same with all its previous characters but it seems that some of them maybe are not going to be a part of the show, for instance, Henry Ian Cusik and Christopher Larkin which is also guesswork for now as the creators have kept this thing under the curtain at present.

When It’s Going To Release??

The official date of release for the seventh season is going to be 20 May 2020 and for now, there is no teaser for the upcoming season which is the latest news as for now.
But, since the show is the reason for the fans excitement, we can expect them to be ready and filled up with high hopes for the show as no one expects less from a show like this.