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What Time Strawberry Moon’ Eclipse We Will See

Although humankind has suffered the most in the past few months Nature has been at its utmost beauty. With lockdown restrictions going on everywhere, the pollutant level in the atmosphere has come down significantly. This has led to a clearer night sky and epic visuals at times. Animals have been seen roaming freely across the inter-state borders with no fright of being killed and poached by human beings. Birds of variety of colorful shapes and sizes have greeted the trees with their most beautiful songs. Nature in hindsight has healed to an utmost degree.

When can we see the Strawberry Moon?

On Friday, the eclipse was visible in the night sky. The moon was shone vibrantly in the sky with its full shape and glamour. Scientists called it the Strawberry moon. One could see it on Friday except for some people in North America. Due to the equatorial location of the continent, the strawberry moon was not visible there. However, there is no need to worry if you have not seen the moon on Friday. It will be visible through Saturday morning as well. For those who live in the continent of North America, they need not worry as well. The Italian agency of Virtual Telescope Project has taken up pictures of the moon. They have also done a Livestream while capturing the shots. Thus you can always have a look at them on social media and their official websites as well.

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Why Has It Been Referred to as Strawberry?

NASA scientists have confirmed the real reason behind the naming of the moon. It is not in relation to the shape of the moon which resembles a strawberry. But it is actually based on the timing of this moon because now is the time of strawberry harvest. Apart from that, the scientists have also stated that a few alternative names were also in thought while addressing the name of this moon. These were the honeymoon and planting moon.

Difference Between Penumbral and Lunar Eclipse?

There is a massive difference between the Penumbral and Lunar Eclipse. In Penumbral Eclipse the moon peeps out into the sky on the horizon. It has a shade of darkness to it associated with a lot of stars. On the other hand in the case of a lunar eclipse, the moon is completely covered in darkness, associated with a clear sky as well.