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What Time Does The Grand Tour Season 5 Start, Release Date, Cast Details You Should Know

The superhit show on Cars, is going to have another season as per the reports on the social media updates of the Makers and Cast of the show.

This show which is a huge success among the Car enthusiasts and Car fanatics are rumored to have season 5 and season 6 real soon.

So The Grand Tour Season 5, Who will host the show? When will it be released? Locations and lot more

The Grand Tour: Series Overview

Amazon’s very own show based on Motor Vehicles and especially cars.

The hosts take the viewers on an adventure to various corners of the world and only two things accompany them, Camera and Cars.

From reviewing cars to Race challenges, Drift, climbing terrains, experimenting with them, the show is totally a treat to the eyes and a great visual experience.

The show is hosted by the former BBC’s Top Gear Trio, Jeremy Clarkson in the lead followed by Richard Hammond and James May.

The Grand Tour: Seasons and Updates so far

The Grand Tour is a British TV series whose first season was aired on 18 November 2016. The season contained 13 episodes.

A second installment was done in the next year, December 2017 where another season dropped with 10 episodes.

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The third season was released in January of 2019 which contained 14 episodes, so far the most number of episodes in a season.

The fourth season was also released in the same year, in December 2019, which is still running.

The fourth season is so far very much different from the first three seasons.

On the basis of making, the fourth season focused more on adventures unlike the first three which resembles BBC’s Top Gear.

Season four is shot in mainly South Asian locations like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia etc. It included more adventures and shot like a live audience program.

The Grand Tour: Season 5?


There haven’t been any official announcements yet from the makers but social media posts of the crew including Producer Andy Wilman who revealed that they are even thinking of Spin-offs of the show and there are discussions going in for another season too ahead of 5.

Season 5 won’t be released in 2020 as per the reports.

As there are more episodes to come up in season 4, it might leave clues towards the next season or so on location and date update.