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What Is the Story of Avatar 2? Cast and Is There Any Release Date

In 2012, Director James Cameroon created a world which was far beyond technological understanding. His masterpiece, Avatar became the most ambitious movie project of all time. Till Avengers Endgame arrived, it was truly the biggest blockbuster in the history of cinema. Capturing the nuances of a world devoid of human touch, he created the most visually attractive motion picture in recent memory. With loads of brilliant and talented actors as crew, the movie received both critical and commercial acclaim. Fans since then have been wondering when a sequel for the movie will arrive.
Production house Disney recently updated a few posts on the issue on Instagram. It was clear from those that Avatar Part 2 ship has set sail.

Avatar Part 2: Plot

In this visually epic movie, we saw how humans could tap into the resources of an alternative planet. With the use of technological gear we saw how a group of scientists invaded the land of mystics. They grew fond of the creatures there and took it upon themselves to protect the tree of Eiwa. However, military was bent upon destroying it’s existence. We saw a huge war which was massive in scale and proportions. In this one, however we will see Jake Sully becoming the chief of the tribe. Princess Neytiri will become the chieftain. Story would majorly revolve around the themes of familial ties and imprisonment. Information is this that Jake and Neytiri have had a son and the plot revolves around him. A major theme that we could discover in this movie is the underwater travel. For the first time, the tribes will attack in hoardes, the humans under water. They will progress beyond their realms. A lot of motion picture emphasis is being given to intensify the role of water in this movie. Colonel Miles Quartich will also be back to terrorize the herds. How they will encounter this human interference to their lands will be the highlight of the movie. More plot details would only be available with time.

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Avatar Part 2: Cast Members

Majority of the cast members would retain their places in this movie. Since this is a continuation of the storyline, there are reports that not many additions will be made to the crew. Sam Worthington will reprise his role as Jake Sully. Scientist Sigourney Weaver will be back in the role along with Stephen Lang. Lang will again play the role of the murderous colonel who wants to destroy the planet of the tribes.

Avatar Part 2: Release Date

Unless there’s a stoppage due to the present situation, production will go on as scheduled. This means that the movie may have a release in December 2021. However this time frame is subjective to other developments in the production house. No news of the trailer is still out.