What is the Inheritance, Bank Your Vote Advantage?

Bruce Perreault evacuated from the game

Tonight, the Survivor 44 premiere introduced yet another new twist in the Inheritance Advantage … so what exactly is it? How will it play a role in the game moving forward? What about the Bank Your Vote Advantage, as well?

Let’s start with the Inheritance Advantage, which Sarah got over at Tika. This gives her the ability to inherit any powers that are played at a given Tribal. This feels like something that could be really important later on in the game, though they did not specify how long these advantages could be used for. (Typically, they stick around until either the final six or final five.) This is the sort of thing that feels like it could be really overpowered, so of course we understand not telling everyone about it in the game!

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Meanwhile, Lauren got the Bank Your Vote advantage, which allows her to not vote and in doing that, have an additional one for down the road. This is a fun one because you can just play it off that you lost a vote, and then you have an opportunity to use this down the road if you really need to.

Now, Matt doesn’t get to vote for the next two Tribals, which is a result of him trying to get an advantage and failing. We feel for the guy since this is a tough hill to climb. We appreciate wanting to play, though!

With these advantages in play plus Brandon’s idol, it feels like the game is complicated already — and perhaps more so than it really needs to be, all things considered. Then again, this is a big part of what makes the game what it is in the modern era, since there is this pressure to keep people guessing.

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