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What Is Hantavirus And How It Is Spreading

Amidst the hullabaloo of the recent pandemic Covid-19, a new virus has taken to the stage- Hanita virus. Today, on 24th March, a person in China has allegedly died after getting infected from this new disease. It is sending waves of shiver across the entire globe after the massive devastation caused by Covid-19, costing the lives of thousands. After Covid-19, which has infected around 375,000 people worldwide, the Hanta virus is catching up everyone’s nerves.

Hanta virus belongs to the family Hantaviridae of the order Bunyavirales. This virus is essentially found in rodents like mice, and can eventually spread in humans as well. A report from Global Times claims that a man from Yunnan province died in bus on his way back to Shandong province.  He was tested positive for this virus. The other 32 passengers who were boarded on the bus have been sent for checkup now.

Hanta virus is essentially spread when one comes in contact with the urine or saliva of the mice. Normally, it takes nearly one to eight weeks for a person to show any signs of this virus. Although, this virus doesn’t spread from one human to another, scientists are still surveying it. A person infected from Hanta virus may show symptoms like fever, vomiting, cold, body ache, fatigue, dizziness, etc. In critical conditions, the virus may hamper respiratory system causing difficulty in breathing too.

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During January 2019, nine people had died due to Hanta virus in Patagonia. In the 60 suspected cases, 50 people were kept quarantined for some days. According to the United State’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the death rate of this virus is 38% and has as such no specific treatment. Scaling up the efforts to combat the deadly Covid-19, the Hanta virus is positing another challenge to the world.