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What Happened to Zuko’s Mom Here What We Know

In the animated series, Avatar, Prince Zuko was sent to fight Aang. He had to be the one to capture Aang because doing so will grant him access to his home in the Fire Nation. However, as time passes, Zuko turned from an antagonist to Aang’s friend. He fought alongside him and went against his own father. Zuko’s mother was Ursa.

In the show, the only details we find out about her is that she was part of a deal. That deal was to protect her son who was going to be killed by his own father. She was banished from the Fire Nation, never to be heard from again. So, a question arises in everyone’s mind, what happened to Zuko’s mom?

After the show, we saw her in a comic. It was called ‘The Search’. It was dedicated to Zuko’s mom and we saw him on a quest to find out about her past.

Ursa Was Banished From the Fire Nation

Ozai wanted to be the one to sit on the throne after Iroh’s son died in battle. This angered him and Azulon was angry too. He used that anger and ordered Ozai to kill his own son to make him feel the pain that Iroh was feeling. However, when Ursa found out about this plan, she made a deal with her husband.

The deal was that she would make a poison that cannot be detected. That poison will be used by Ozai to kill Azulon and take the throne. However, Ozai’s condition was that Ursa will have to leave the Fire Nation. Ozai did this so that Ursa won’t be able to use the same poison to kill him.

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Ursa agreed and after everything was done, she left her home and children.

What Happened to Zuko’s Mom After That?

She met Noren, a man from her village which was where she came to stay after being running from the Fire Nation. Ursa made a decision where she would be able to change her appearance just like Noren with the help of the Mother of Faces. However, Mother of Faces gave her something more to help ease the pain. She gave her a chance to change her appearance and remove her memories to forget about Ozai. Ursa agreed and her memory was erased. She, then lived with Noren and had a daughter with him.

Zuko Finds His Mother

Zuko finds his mother but doesn’t realize who she is. However, Mother of Faces tell him about Ursa and Noriko. He finds her and tells her the truth. She decides to get her appearance and memory, the way it used to be. They reunite and the comic ends with both of them talking. Ursa is ready to tell Zuko what happened to her and everything else about her.

In the comic, wee see that Ozai if confronted by Ursa. He has already been trapped in the Fire Nation. Ursa finally realizes that Ozai is no one and can’t hurt her family now. She walks away from him knowing that everything will be okay.

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