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What Happened Between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s That They Want to Forget That Fearful Night

 This article is about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and how their relationship was under observation when she revealed that she once had an affair with one of her family friends some years back.

How Did the Couple Meet?

The couple met on a set of ‘fresh prince of Bel Air “.Actually Smith was already married before he started dating Pinkett .And after he has been separated from his first wife …the love chemistry between Smith and Pinkett started but she was not the woman who believes in marriage .

What Was the Reason That They Got Married?

The two dated for approx 2 years and after sometime  Pinkett realised that she is pregnant with Smith’s childs.She was so upset that she didn’t stopped crying .She even said that she was not ready to get married but there was pressure on her to get married especially from her mother side.Even on the day of her wedding she cried for the whole day .She was feeling sick too also on that day .

“Horrible” Wedding-

The couple described their wedding as “horrible” .They even didn’t consider each other as husband and wife for many years.There has been so many ups and downs in their life .She was broken from inside .They even got separated because they both wanted to find happiness within themselves but they never thought about getting divorced .During the time of their separation ,Pinkett had an affair with one of her family friend August Alsina but still they were not going for divorce ,they wanted to start their relationship from the very first point.Even aslina talked to Smith ..No doubt they had so many difficulties in setting everything right .But in spite of all these, August has so much love for Pinkett.

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Every couple has ups and downs in their lives but what matters at the end is the efforts you put into evto make everything perfect again like before.

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