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What Does Police Says About The Shooting Case in Germany?

Shooting has been a reason for death now. In the latest news of Germany, ten got killed due to fire. It was not in one place but at several locations late Wednesday. The shoot found dead later had left one video and letter. In that, he claimed responsibility for what he did. The federal prosecutors will take the case and look into it.

On Thursday, Angela Merkel said that Racism spread like a poison in a video statement. According to Angela, the government will stand against anything that will break her country.

What does the federal prosecutor reveal about the case?

In the shooting, six got an injury, and one was critical. The first fire was in the downtown Hanau which is at the east of Frankfurt. Later he drove to the location, which was 11/2 miles from first. At these two places, the gunman shot nine people dead.

What views did police give?

At the first attack, the police reported one dark vehicle that was leaving the shooting place. And then the same car was present at the second attack location hookah lounge. The police said they had found the body of the killer at 10 pm. There were two bodies, and the other one was of 72 years, old lady. Police also suspected that there was no one else involved in the case.

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What other spokesperson told?

People said that Hookah Lounge is a place where many people gather to smoke and drink. This place is always full 24 hours. But from today, they will remember the sadness of such a case. The authorities have been investigating how this can happen and that very openly.

The parliament in Germany has begun new gun laws the last month. In those laws, the government has tightened the rules and regulations on firing and shooting. The government did this because they do not want any weapons to be present in the hands of people. It does not make sense to have guns and kill anyone around. This was a tragic happening, and the German government is busy investigating this sad case, which ended the lives of many people.