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What Changes You Have Been Through Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Than From Season 1?

Were you waiting for Fortnite Chapter 2 with its Season two? You can also name this series as Top Secret. Who does not love to know about something that we generally hide? With this series, you will explore something very new with new updates.

There has been a good change in Fortnite Chapter 2, season one. You got to know something unique with a new system and a new map. Season one has also let you play with the new things. The game had also remained off for the whole two days.

When did Fortnite Chapter 2, Season two start?

Your wait is over for the new season. The season released on 20 February 2020. Also, after reading this, what might you would be waiting for more? The game has a battle bus which is ready to move. This bus will take you through the refreshed battle royal map.

What changes had been there in the Season two from Season one?

then, what you think there have been good changes in the map from season one? Fans cannot still forget those scale of revamp they had enjoyed the most in the previous season. However, the plan for season two is not much drastically different from the first one. However, you will find new landmarks along with points of interests.

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What does the trailer reveal about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season two? 

This time the player will love to enjoy the secret them. The player will act as a secret agent. Is not it quite interesting to play as an agent to search for something?

What does Battle Pass of the game reveal?

Int he battle Pass, the most rumoured personality is King Midas. Also, his unnervingly buff cat, Meowscles is famous with it. The structure for Battle Pass is quite same as the season one as for season two. Now you will enjoy challenges and victory and let you earn the position you want. The price for playing the battle is all the same, that is 950 V-Bucks.

Battle royale players are new characters to the game through season one of it. A player can choose either to be a ghost or a shadow to play and complete their mission as soon as possible.