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What Are Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine What Trumps Has to Say

Researches are going on a global scale to find a vaccine for Coronavirus. Many methods have been tried and tested in the previous months or so. Some include injecting a plasma therapy option to replace the dead blood cells with Corona immune blood cells. That theory, however, did not prove to be much effective. Apart from that Remdisivir has been administered as a powerful drug to combat the virus. But again it has not yielded expected results. But some say that Hydroxichloroquinine is a feasible solution.

What Did Trump Say About Consuming Hydroxichloroquinine?

USA President Donald Trump recently held a meeting with restaurant owners. There he surprised the reporters by saying that he was taking Hydroxichloroquinine on a daily basis now. Also consuming zinc tablets, he said that there is no deterioration in his health. Advisories were issued against the use of this drug. But the President said that he was unaware of any such thing. He claimed that although he was consuming the drug, he was fully safe, sound and healthy. Regular check-ups are going on the White House after it was found that Mike Pence’s secretary had tested positive for the virus. Trump said that he was being examined and tested on a regular basis. His personal physician also suggested that the President was in a healthy state of physical and mental well being overall.

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What Did the Medical Professionals Say?

US medical professionals were baffled at the claims made by Trump. They said that the drug had the capability to create disturbed rhythmic patterns in the human body. This might lead to arterial blockage and have a long term I’ll effects. The drug was also showing other symptoms if consumed in a regular manner. Medical professionals ruled it out as unsafe. They had previously administered the dosage along with the anti-malarial and antibiotic drug Azithromycin. But the entire experiment had been labeled as a failure. It was mostly tried on frontline workers as they are exposed to the virus much more.

What was the reaction?

This comes along with outrageous claims of the President that increased temperature reduces the impact of the Virus. Opposition leaders have taken a dig at the comments made by the President. According to his annual health reports, they called him to be obese. In medical terms, he just might be one as he weighs almost 110kg and stands at around 6’3 inches tall. This means that there is high deposition of body fat index in his body.