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‘Westworld’ Vincent Cassel Tell His Mysterious Character, Engerraund Serac

Engerraund Serac, the incite boss and also the co-creator of the supercomputer Rehoboam. He designed it along with his brother. We now know some more about this character. Vincent Cassel plays this character in Westworld.

Engerraund has some good qualities. For instance, he is sympathetic to his emotionally-tortured brother. He wants to use Rehoboam to prevent human-driven catastrophes to happen in the future. However, he is guilty and chaotic like other humans. He murders the previous Incite CEO. In addition, he uses Rehoboam to his advantage because of the freedom.

In an interview, Cassel was asked some questions about his character. We have a small summary for you.

How did Vincent Cassel describe Serac?

According to Cassel, the man is a philanthropist, dictator and also a saviour. He is super rich. Like, Richie Rich rich. He is a great match for Maeve, according to him. He is all of this and there is so much more depth to him.

Serac is fully anonymous. Does it give him feeling that he can do whatever he wants to without a care in the world?

Cassel stated that if people do not know what you did then you could possibly get away with it. Especially, in those days, whatever you do is recorded. Every transaction you do with money, they will know the time you did it, for who, why and what you bought. Nowadays, the best thing is that nobody knows about you.

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Serac and Maeve, does he know what he getting into?

Yes, he knows everything about her. He knows every part of the story. He knows how she fought an army, how she wrote her own code again and everything else. He needs her for it and she is the only one who can help. When one has something so valuable, he has to get her to do his bidding to whatever extent.

Does he have a moral compass?

Yes, he does. He has his own philosophy and reasons behind the things he does. Throughout the show, everyone will start to understand that. However, the show doesn’t really explain that but over time you will realise why he is that man.

What are Serac’s opinion on Dolores?

He is not scared of Dolores. However, he knows that she is a possible threat. He knows what might happen and he has to solve that problem. He wants everything to be in his control but he can’t seem to get these people in his control.

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