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Westworld Season 3 Theories, Time, Plot, Cast And Details About Episode 1

Hey everyone here a new article on Westworld season 3 and this season demands you to choose between Humans and Robots. The story is based on Sci-fi.

Trailer and what is season 3 of Westworld about?

The trailer is already out on March 15, 2020. Based on the last season it is clear that the fight between the Dolores and Bernard is out in the real world, while the latter wants to bring peace between humans and robots.

The newest trailer is 3 Minutes long which gives us a better idea of what the battle looks like in Westworld season 3.

Details of The Episodes

As the previous two seasons are revolving around the android based themed park in season makers will let the character to come in real-world and the further story is followed upon that

  • Episode 1 named “Parce Domine” was aired on 15 March 2020. In this Dolores take residence in neo-Los Angeles and learn how things are used in the real world.
  • The 2nd episode named “The Winter Line” will be aired on 22 March 2020. In these episodes we get to see how peoples put a barrier in your life. You always have to prepare for that.
  • The 3rd episode named “The absence of Field” will be aired on 29 March 2020. Some people don’t like when they see the reality, but they didn’t blame either anyone for that.
  • The 4th episodes named “The Mother of Exiles” will be aired on 5 April 2020. In these episodes we see some faces of truth and knows that the truth will not always free someone.
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We don’t have any further details about the coming episodes as theirs nothing is mentioned by the creator and producer.

Where to Watch The Westworld

You can watch the show on HBO every Sunday from 15th March onwards.


  • Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores
  • Jeffrey Wright as Bernard
  • Tesa Thompson as Charlotte
  • Thandie Newton as Maeve
  • Aaron Paul as Caleb
  • Lena Waithe as Ash
  • Marshawn Lynch as Giggles
  • John Gallagher as Liam
  • Tommy Flanagan as Martin
  • Vincent Cassel as Serac
  • Ed Harris as William
  • Luke Hemsworth as Ashely
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Hector
  • Scott Mescudi as Francis


You needed a recap of season 2 of Westworld before season 3, so I suggest you watch the previous story as it creates a lot of confusion in the viewer’s minds.