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West World To Make A Comeback Next Month With Season 3

New Season for West World is ready to air this year. HBO has finally released the first picture of the series as per the sources. However, the faces of the cast are not yet out. Instead, you will find a robot with a pink background. You can even see the urban landscape.

West World 3 out with Poster

Previous seasons of the series have given an idea of free will among hosts and robots that humans can use in theme parks. You can program these hosts to respond to humans. In return, you can create some action and dialogue. The new motto is ready with season 3. In this, the series will be exploring a truly free host team.

West World 3 Cast

After the posters revealed, now people ask which actors would be performing in the series. Also, they think about how many of them will return to the show. It is, however, sure that Aaron will reprise his role for being Paul Castab. He is the human in the appearance who is not fond of hosts. However, then also he buys his robot. The trailer of season 3 has given a clue that Caleb would also make a comeback with Dolores. However, the story for this season is not sure yet. You will see the main cast back in season 3, including Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, Jeffrey Wright as Arnold, Thandie Newton as Maeve, and Tessa Thompson to reprise the role as Charlotte.

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You will also see the cast in some new outfits. The series is ready for returning in the next month as per Inkite Inc. Season 1 of West World premiered in 2017 and season two in 2018.

West World 3 Release Date

The release date for the upcoming new season of the series is out. It will premiere the first episode of season 3 on 15 March 2020 the next month. However, the poster for this serious, which is out, is super mysterious. The poster has a drawing of the robot knee that is standing in front of a massive city. The tag line of the poster reads out as, “The Free Will not Free.”

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