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Welcome to Plathville Season 2 Gets Premiered. Have a Look on the Family Drama

Welcome to plathville is about a family of eleven in South eastern Georgia which are all wanted to live a life of their own. The biggest problem to that is their own family which is bound together by rules, now everyone wants to get free from the rules and there family is breaking apart. The first episode of the show was released on 5 November 2019. The show had total 6 episodes and gained the ratings if 5.5/10.

Family Members Who Are Seen in the Show

Olivia Plath, moriah plath, micah plath Barry plathplaty,  Kim plath, Ethan plath, Lydia plath, issac Plath, mercy Plath, cassia Plath.

What’s New in Season 2

The first epidi of season 2 “breaking apart” Got premiered on 10 November at 10pm on TLC. Micah, moriah, ethan, and Olivia are rebelling against the conservative upbringing and the whole family gets broken into 3 groups.

Moriah and macah moved out if the house. Kim and Barry also moved out. In mid of trailer moriah and macah was seen as comforting their parents as the situation is going worse. Ethan and Olivia started living in a new house and broke all the contract to there parents and also to other siblings but to make upto things the parents decide to move closer to then but they couldn’t manage to bring  back  everyone together.

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Micah has started modelling bas it was his passion and mariah is naturalnaturally living and working two jobs as Fitness trainer and a mechanic, and things are going great with the boyfriend. In the end it was seen as dad asking fir forgiveness from each as he said “can you forgive us for our shortcomings”.