‘We Need More Ventilators’: Boris Johnson Says to Donald Trump over a call

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a very desperate request for US President Trump over a phone call about the pandemic. He said that he needed more ventilators.

Mr. Johnson who himself was tested positive for the virus, spoke to the President.

According to the President the Prime Minister didn’t even say “hello” and straight off to saying “we need ventilators”.

The President told that Mr Johnson would be ‘totally great’ after his positive diagnosis came out.

“As you know, Boris has tested, unfortunately he’s tested positive, and it’s a terrible thing.

“But he’s going to be great. I’m sure he’s going to be totally great.”

“We have countries all over the world that are friends of ours and we will help those countries,” he continued.

“We can help Italy, and we can help the UK.

The White House said that President Trump wished Mr Johnson for a speedy recovery.

“President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson agreed to collaborate closely, along with the G7, the G20, and other international partners, to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and boost the global economy.”






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