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Here You Can Watch “Tom Segura” Ball Hog On Netflix

Tom Segura’s new netflix special ‘Ball Hog’ is now available on Netflix. It dropped on Netflix yesterday.

Ball Hog is Tom Segura’s fourth Netflix special. Netflix has already announced Tom Segura’s fourth and fifth special shows together. First of them is Ball Hog and it is shot in English while the second will be completely in Spanish. Though there is no official date of release for fifth untitled show.

Watch the trailer of Segura’s Ball Hog here.


Tom Segura is known for his unconventional style of comedy. The way he starts with making his audience uncomfortable and disgusted and gradually cracks them up with laugh. Segura talk about his relationship with his mother on the show Ball Hog. He says the more personal jokes are the more it’s good for him as a comedian.

He has previously hosted a show named ‘Your Mom’s house’ with his wife Christina Pazsitzky. He has also hosted the shows like Tom Segura En Espanol and 2 Bears 1 Cave.

He usually talk in his shows about his parents and about following the dreams. He explains his approach of making his audience upset to be as ‘Child Like’ and ‘Playful’. You might understand what he does mean with this when you’ll hear how he starts Ball Hog. He initiates Ball Hog with saying that he might not hesitate to kill a dog in order to save his son. That gets pretty upsetting, unpleasant and disgusting. He has performed in more than 10000 shows till date.

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you can watch “Ball Hog” on netflix now.