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Watch: Daisy Ridley Reads a ‘Star Wars’ Story to Thank Everyone for Fight With Coronavirus on Frontlines

Star Wars, a movie series that makes you fall in love with it every time. The characters have a deep personality. In the recent couple of movies, we have seen Daisy Ridley being the main character.

What Did Daisy Ridley Do?

 Recently, Daisy Ridley, who was the protagonist in Star Wars: Episode IX, read a Star Wars story. For this, Daisy Ridley read a book which was called BB-8 on the Run. It was written by Drew Daywalt and Matt Myers. This follows his journey to get to a top secret map. He is to find and get it to the Resistance Headquarters.

This story is primarily targeting little ones who are fans of Star Wars. This story is truly right for the pure and small fans because they need it right now. Not just them but everyone.

Why Did She Do This?

Ridley read this story as a small chance to give back to everyone who are doing their best to help those who need it. Everyone who is at their homes to protect themselves and those around them, she did it for them. Anyone who is on the front lines to protect and help those in need, she did it for them.

What Did She Say Before Reading the Story?

Before Ridley started reading the story, she specially thanked everyone for staying at their home. She also thanked the people who are on the frontlines of this virus and are helping whoever need help. She asked to accept her small offering which was a story. 🙂

I hope that listening to Daisy saying BB-8 so many time has given you some comfort. It surely gave me comfort. Life right now, is pretty different, to say the least. But know this, you are going to get through it. Slowly but surely, everything will start to become normal. It will take some time but still. You are not alone and you will survive.

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We needed some comfort in our lives and hopefully, Daisy provided you that comfort. I guess we are getting a break that most people do not get throughout their lives. Try to take this time to become a better version of yourself.

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