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Washington, DC Paints and Written Black Lives Matter on the Way Towards White House

Uproars in America are still raging over the death of George Floyd, the black commoner. People have resorted to various forms of protest in order to make their grievances clear to the government. While some have taken up arms ammunition and used vandalism as their appropriate approach. Others have been more silent yet firm with their messages. They have had the most impact in shaking the stability of the government to its core. Popular celebrities all across the globe have come to show their support and have stood like rocks behind the protestors.

Where Has the Painting Been Done?

Recently a unique step has been taken by the Washington DC administration. Over the 16th Street, they have painted in huge yellow block letters the words Black Lives Matter. 16th Street is a very prominent location as this two-lane road is the axis that leads southward to the White House. Mayor of the state Muriel Bowser was behind this unique initiative. She had contacted the painters and asked them to write the message in prominent letters so they can be seen. Since the message covers the entire width of the street they are also visible from aerial drones and cameras.

What Did the Mayor Say About the Issue?

Mayor Muriel Bowser told the media that it was a unique step taken by their state administration. In light of the recent events, it was a sign that people in America still had the right to protest peacefully. One can still ask up to the government or the legal structures to solve their disputes and conflicts. They were totally against the drastic steps taken by the Federal Administration which is at the helm of the country. This was to show their solidarity to the ones who have suffered the most. Emphasizing the fact that America believed in the communion of different races and cultures, it was a highlight of their long struggle for freedom.

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Who Criticized the Comments?

The DC Chapter of Black Lives Matter Global Network criticized the actions. They said that it was against the constitution and federal structure and values of the country. There was a political motive behind this initiative. Mayor Bowser has also named 16th Street as Black Lives Matter Plaza. Washington DC has been the centrifugal force around which lot of protests have taken place countrywide. Peaceful demonstrations have also taken place near St. John’s Church with thousands walking in silent protest marches.